Cross Creek RV Resort

Welcome Friends!  Thanks very much for coming to our website to check us out!

You will see that Cross Creek is not just "another park" as we are 1 of only 6 Florida RV Resorts that has received the "10/10/10" designation from The Good Sam Camping Network - their highest rating.  


"What makes Cross Creek different from the other RV Resorts in South Florida?"  Great Question!  Here's the answer……….


            Ownership & Management;  Cross Creek is owned by a small South Florida based company.  We take great pride in being actively involved and being available with a "hands on" policy.  We are responsive to whatever is needed to make Cross Creek the BEST place to hang your hat during the cold winter months.  And, our full time onsite manager, Elayne McCoy is fair, strong and well respected.

            Facilities  & Amenities;  ALL of Cross Creek's RV sites are at least 38' wide by 75' deep; large enough to accommodate ALL the big rigs on the road today.  Each site has up to 125 amp electric service available, a large concrete patio (12'x36'), and paved parking for 2 automobiles (or 1 car + 1 golf cart).  Our 6,000 sq. ft. clubhouse seats up to 300 people for live music and entertainment.  We have a 2nd 4,000 sq. ft. "Entertainment Center" too.  And, a 3rd "Facilities Building" which has billiards, crafts, laundry, shower rooms etc.  Oh yeah, and a 4th building just for our fully equipped fitness center.

            Activities;  Our Activities Director - Really makes things FUN.  During the winter season, the activities are ongoing every day, (and most nights) with terrific live entertainment options with great opportunities to get involved.  Also, you will find several nearby golf courses - and affordable too!  Cross Creek has a reputation for our very full activities schedule.  Some of our residents go back north just to get rested up for the next winter season at Cross Creek.

            Friends;  You will not believe the spirit that this Resort has.  Time and time again, folks tell us that they were attracted to Cross Creek because of the great facilities and the reasonable prices, but what really keeps them coming back, are the people and the spirit here at Cross Creek.  Everyone tells us that it is SO EASY to get involved and to meet friends here.  Our residents are very proud of the property, and the ongoing camaraderie that exists here each winter is terrific!  You simply have to check this place out and experience it for yourself.


There is much, much more of course, but I am hopeful that this quick insight will give you a good look at WHY Cross Creek is a place really worth spending some time.    We think you'll find it's very affordable for all that we offer, but don’t wait too long as all of our sites are completely full each winter.  Come experience the warmth, beauty and small town, country atmosphere of South-Central Florida.  After you do check us out, please stop in or drop me a note.  I'd like to know what you think.


I look forward to seeing you become part of the Cross Creek family!

Warm Regards,

Bill Harvey

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